Macronos for Sonos Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Macronos for Sonos

Quick video on how to use Macronos for Sonos.

SonosTube - Video Player for Sonos YouTube (Phone Version)

iOS version: Android version: The one and only app in App Store that plays YouTube via Sonos. SonosTube...

Control your Sonos like you're using a magic wand

Tasker is becoming my favorite app for Android. Using gestures, and a combination of a couple of apps, I can wave my Android like a magic wand to have my Sonos speaker play and pause. Uses...

Stream any audio from your pc to Sonos

This video is a demo of streaming audio from the pc to the Sonos. This software is share free from .. Like and subscribe thanks.

Sonos WEB Control


Using Tasker to maintain max volume on Sonos music

Nerves based NFC Sonos Controller

The final development version of my NFC-based Sonos controller in action. Written in elixir and deployed using the Nerves framework.

Missing music services from Sonos controller

Sonos Music services.

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